A MAC address can be bound to only one port at a time. Page 62 – Logging out a web user Page 63 Page 64 – Table Of Contents Page 65 – Configuration file management Page 66 – Management of configuration file Page 67 – Erasing the startup configuration file Page 68 – Specifying a configuration file for next The default bridge priority of the 3Com switch is Unknown multicast flooding suppression and multicast source port suppression cannot take effect at the same time. Page – Configuring the network diameter of the Page – Configuring security mac addresses Page – Displaying and maintaining port security

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Page – Creating an ssh user and specifying an a You will be prompted to press the Enter key if the switch successfully completes POST power-on self test. Configure the local user name as guest.

System view Web command: Touch sensor at front of case, which activates a night light; 3. A multicast packet from Source arrives to VLAN-interface 1 of Switch C, and the 3cim forwarding entry does not exist in the multicast forwarding table of Switch C.

The port is enabled only after the authentication succeeds. Page – Port security configuration example Page – Guest vlan configuration example Page Page – Port binding configuration Page – Displaying and maintaining port binding When 3comm rate or duplex mode of a port in the aggregation group changes, packet loss may occur on this port; When the rate of a port decreases, if the port belongs to a manual or static LACP aggregation group, the port will be switched to the unselected state; if the port belongs to a dynamic LACP aggregation group, deaggregation will occur on the port.


Figure shows information transmission in broadcast mode.

Any view display time-range Use the command to view the configuration and status of the current time range. To do… Use the command… Remarks Optional The default history command Set the history command buffer history-command buffer size is 10, that is, the history size max-size value command buffer of a user can store up to 10 commands by default.

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Page – Ssh configuration examples Page Page Page – When switch acts as server for password Any user on the network can receive the information, no matter the information is needed or not. Page – Dhcp server configuration examples Page Page – Dhcp server with option support conf Thus, you can construct your network in a more flexible way and improve your network security.

Page – Adding a static mac address entry manual You may create up to 50 static mappings between domain names and IP addresses. Configuring the Attributes of a Local User When local scheme is chosen as the AAA scheme, you should create local users on the switch and configure the relevant attributes. Intel notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your Intel notebook into a wireless router.

The authenticator system is another entity residing at one end of a LAN segment.

3Com 3CR17660-91 Quick Reference Manual

Remarks Enter system view system-view — Required Enable port security port-security enable Disabled by default Page w-535 3Com Switch G Family Command Reference display ip socket Use the command to display the information about the sockets in the current system. It is an expansion to the current When entering physical port numbers, Enter the port number as.


Audio, Video, Phone ports Purpose: If no default route exists and the destination address of the packet is not in the routing table, the packet is discarded, and an ICMP destination unreachable message is returned to the source.

If you configure the rapid transition feature on a designated port, the feature does not take effect on the port. You can buy this every PC shop.

Display the OUI addresses, the corresponding OUI address masks and the corresponding description strings that the system supports. Don’t show me this message again. Page 38 3Com Switch G Family Command Reference stp interface cost Use the command to set the wwl-535 cost of specified ports in a specified spanning tree stp interface cost instance.

Any view display snmp-agent group Use the command to view group name, security model, state of various views display snmp-agent group and storage models.

With the cooperation of other networking devices such as switches in the network, a CAMS server can implement the AAA functions and rights 3cpm. For ports with switches attached and are not authenticated and authorized by