Max Edited 1 time s. So I have a 9″ and 13″ apprx. Bodge It [ reprap. I don’t think the Allegro A does? I’ve attached the picture of my y-axis.

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I like the idea of reusing the power supply circuitry. You’re right, the big gear is perfect for the extruder, I’ve just build the extruder around it pictures will be uploaded soon. What are your drivers, Rodrigo?

I have an Epsoon printer that has served me well. Note a Scanner also a2917esb the 7. I quickly read the datasheet: Its fun to figure out how much of these parts can be re-purposed.

3 phase stepper motor driver 3nd583

Do I have to cut the PCB with the steppers? I’d like any thoughts on this. Thank you for helping me with this Petrus! Most printers that use this servo system use an Arm processor to controll the printer not the slower Aurduino processor.

Luckily the two steppers in the Epson Photo Stylus are in spec. The opto end stops are also very usefull.


The printer seems to be working perfect;y but I am going to replace it. I am now getting messages that parts have come to the end of their “service life” and need to be replaced. Older printers have stronger motors. I’m not an expert at electronics. I like the idea of re-purposing technology. Not really worth the hassle as the more modern chips do all this and more and only cost a few dollars.

The print head is usualy a servo type system based on a standard motor with an optical feed back sensor to get very high speed print head movement and resolution at very low cost. Also, I would like to use the printer’s board to test the motors if it possible.

This is quite a big diffrence to make up with gearing. Click here to login. Why are the stepper controllers drivers so expensive?

Allegro A2917SEB 1.75a Stepper Motor Controller

BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement. I wonder if the circuitry and ribbon cable to the print head could be reused some how?


All this topic is amazing!!!! An environmentally friendly approach. Its horses for courses Don’t be too discouraged by 7. Max Edited 1 time s. Obviously there are tons of inkjet, laser, fax and copiers out there with parts that can have a second life as a 3D printer.

ASEB Driver and Stepper

It’s yours is you can pick it up at my apartment, upper west side of Manhattan. I’m sure there are a lot of gears, metal rods and motors inside. I’d cut the PC board larger first. Sorry, only registered atepper may post in this forum. This forum is powered by Phorum.