It has worked well, but I am out of PCI slots and needed something external. My final verdict is a return to seller Did another scan and got 7 but only two worked. Like it woud loose signal for a couple of seconds during the show. So I didn’t really think about how much space I would need to record. Also the top of the picture had a line but that could be the broadcast and there is no way to move the picture up like on a CRT monitor or like with BeyondTV.

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Not the audio synch problems but the video couldn’t keep up and then it started freezing on me and Beyond TV started getting stuck. But I really bought this as an additional tuner for my MCE machine 3. BB code is On. Did another scan and got thner but only two worked. It has worked well, but I am out of PCI slots and needed something external.

Originally Posted by jimwhite got the Fuji Plus last night But it shipped before I could cancel. Tuneer seen this before? Boy, I have been waiting for a cheap solution like these for say three years and now to my disappointment I can’t simply install it and watch.


Artec T14A USB TV Tuner: For HDTV on the Go

Just because the image is not BeyondTV has some conversion stuff but that depends on other factors. Well, still working on the VBOX as I might of selected something wrong so after 4 blue screens of death memory dump and a system restore I got it installed. Most DTV stations up-rez all of their transmissions to the same format, so the receiver has to deal with xi even though the content is actually xi. Originally Posted by GeekFunk Conexant?

First scan which takes 4 minutes pulled in two channels.

Artec T14a USB Digital TV Receiver Black

Peter Nagy is offline. Up to i Audio format: I just ordered the FujiPlus tuner from NewEgg.

Page 1 of Just as a background I am running a Dell laptop with a fresh install to factory default with MB memory and Solo 1. I bought the Artec as well.

It was not as bad as the Artec. Both we a little skippy and the audio didn’t line up with the video.

I am now going to send this one back and try the VBox. I ordered it before these and then found these cheaper one. So I gave up and removed it.


A couple of mini-USB ATSC tuners – Artec T14A & FujuPlus FD-USB

Afterwards i went back to the VBOX but it messed up. The ATI card never had this problem. Still only pulled in two channels even after I ran a scan the second time. I do like that software if I could figure out how to jsut label the channels 4, 5, 8 etc. DAMN That is my dealbreaker!

I was able to get it installed without too much effort and MCE was using it, but I noticed some of the shows it recorded were having issues. Remove Xrtec Sponsored Links.

Artec T14A Mini USB Digital TV Tuner –

Anyway, it worked better. Maybe one of the upcoming Core 2 cpus. So I didn’t really think about how much space I would need to record.