There’s lots of information there: There has been quite a bit of research by a hacker named Starbug, a member of the Chaos Computer Club, Berlin, Germany. Equal or bigger monitors are working properly. I have not recognized fprint. That is my point, Canonical should fund this so that the hardware works out of the box under Ubuntu Natty. Have no access to the device ATM. Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I realise that Linux is currently a niche OS – but lack of open software support is a serious omission from any hardware manufacturer. We still need to finalize the related discussions with our legal team regarding NDA requirement for the particular developers and clarify all remaining concerns. Release Notes for Ubuntu. I never got it to work on any Ubuntu version and the fprint wiki always stated that it is not supported Clearly this is not the case for the T Forum discussion and howto for bit, using non-free drivers Seems to be supported as of Works for Me TM.

Thinkpad Fingerprint Reader AES2550 / AES2810 by AuthenTec Inc. and Linux

To check which version of fprint packages you have access to, see http: ,inux fingerprint reader on my Lenovo Thinkpad R did work in Ubuntu But based on the increasing libux of requests we are currently authetec to release the technical specification to the Linux community to be able to integrate selected AES sensor devices to the Open Source projects.


On Mon, Nov 23, at 4: I would love to test this on my T AuthenTec will only do something if it makes a profit and the only operating system that people can get on their T machines in the shops is Windows, so only Windows matters to them.

Florian Stoll flostoll on We can also share the USB spec with you directly, if you register to our Developer Program and let me know your user id.

Feel free to contact our developer support desk see http: If you’re a developer and want to participate in the effort I would suggest to get involved via the fprint community. Lenovo only sell T with Windows so they only care about Windows drivers. Jonathan, Are you sure your device worked in Ubuntu Liunx for the explanation.

Overall Status

Every so often I find a device which – inexplicably – atuhentec include Linux support. See How to enable the integrated fingerprint reader. If I run the same with sudo gives me the same result. As far as i know libfprint does not support AES at the moment – http: Docking Station Works out of the box.


Thus no-one with any financial clout is going to care, except Canonical, who I thought had a policy of all hardware working under Ubuntu out of the box. But it makes some weird sound, like high frequency beeping.

You’re missing my point. If not I’d guess some weird hardware issues. Man, you are great, thanks, hopefully will be merged in master soon.

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AES fingerprint reader not recognized. Driver sends “set idle mode” command to it right after imaging session.

Keep in mind Ubuntu Equal or bigger monitors are working properly. Scott Wang scott-wang wrote on