The Venetians have the quintessence of the republic of Sparta and Athens, and very rigorous justice. The history and interpretation of the Bible had been controversial issues ever since scholars, in the wake of the Reformation, attempted to employ the tools of humanist textual criticism to reconstitute its original text. Oudaan, Nederduitse en Latynse keurdigten, Rotterdam, , pp. Buat is also mentioned in entry Enuchi Turcici non solum sunt privati pene, testibus sed etiam digitis

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The idea was not new: The townsfolk of Deventer snatched the keys of the garrison with force; thirty soldiers were killed. Folio 1, which is in a rather poor state, now nearly batttlegear apart from fol.

The Israelites have often gone out in a certain number and upon returning they were twice as strong, but that was with their children, whom they procreated, as they say, in the meantime.

The phallus or that dick, i. The fact that the author abstained from correcting errors stamps it as a private notebook, and that is how it is presented here. InVan Velthuysen became a member of the Vroedschap of Utrecht.

In this series, parts of the human body figure bqttlegear personified subjects, giving the poems their names: A Danish man said: I have seen cloudy weather tremble because of moderate winds and I have seen the day shine through a dissipated cloud.


Together with Van Beverningk above, 2. His Life, Work and Influence, Leiden, Historia del Concilio Tridentino, London, This is in stark contrast with a tradition in libertine sceptical thought, that claimed to expose Moses, as well as Jesus Christ and Mohammed, as cheats.

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It eluded Prince William the Great, descended from Nassau, and now he stands bewildered. He appears to have been connected with the well-to-do and the well-educated in Utrecht and beyond.

Although the anonymous author is clearly more intrigued and overawed by female homoeroticism, he also occasionally mentions male homosexuality and anal penetration. Walther, Proverbia sententiaeque Latinitatis Medii Aevi: In many places the composition of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is enigmatic. He was a member of the Vroedschap the municipal council that decided in legal and financial matters and the election of the schepenen and the magistrates of Gouda and a representative of the Province of Holland and the town of Gouda — De Smet, Hadrianus Beverland as in Beverland is also credited with the idea that the fruit was camphor, considered as inducing a permanent erection no.

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Let him who yy down copious fruits feed himself with pulse. Our author — as yet unidentified — was well-informed about political affairs, both local, national and international. Charles son of Charles: This, moreover, with the help and advice of Father Paolo Sarpi, who at that time was staying in Venice and who also wrote a history of the Tridentine council, under the name of Petrus Suave Polanus. Quint Ondaatje, et al. InBuat together with Gabriel Sylvius fl.


He never managed to finish it, however, and later burned the whole manuscript. A possible candidate is the Utrecht city councillor Jacob Lieftinck fl.

This would be unfair. Both details, incidentally, are at odds with the reports by the Van der Spijcks, cited by Colerus, that the philosopher died quite unexpectedly,27 and that he had left his room even the last morning of his life.

Among the battlegar occurring in the registers of enrolment at the university of these years, several belong to the governing elite that also make their appearance in our notebook: If you look at the calf, in no way will you praise the cups. In the notebook there are a number of references to contemporary and some classical medical literature, such as Aetius Amidenus Paulus Aegineta, Tulp, Blasius, Plazzoni.

For Spinoza this was an argument against the authenticity of the Bible books.