You need neither a partition nor a floppy disk to access the BIOS as it is stored in a flash chip on the motherboard Any ideas how I can fix the MBR manually to work with the laptop? No matter what I’ve tried or how many searches I’ve been through to try get it working I can’t seem to figure it out! These are the working drivers: Thanks for all your help! After 98 SE Setup completed, it was just a matter of going driver hunting – but the single USB port worked out of the box, so that made it a lot easier.

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VOGONS • View topic – How to install Win98 SE on laptop with no CD or Floppy Drives?

See here for everything that doesn’t fit BA. And don’t extract the contents of the.

Press any key to restart’ each time I try to boot from it. All views expressed in these forums are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the BetaArchive site owner. Return to General Old Hardware. This site hosts no abandonware. No matter c51 I’ve tried or how many searches I’ve been through to try get it working I can’t seem to figure it out! But unfortunately it seems to have adapted into a whole new issue now.


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Why not try and install Windows first and doos worry about the drivers? Remove hard drive, connect it to another pc, format and partition it, set boot partition, copy an MS-DOS boot floppy contents to it, copy Win98 CD contents to another partition.

Joined Mon Jan 04, It was all mostly parts but I happily managed to recover it to a working state! I had assumed that you were going to make a clean installation.

It creates a folder on your system and you just run setup from there after installation. What about using Rufus? Put the hdd back in the computer, it will boot to DOS, go in the win98 directory and start the installation.

I tried ‘sys C: We’re talking about the Compaq LTE, right? Ros do not need to install the bios settings functions ori its hidden partition as the settings will work from a booted Setup diskette.

Board index All times are UTC. Make sure you set the translation or “large disk access” parameter in your BIOS correctly i.

I 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Any help I possibly get for modifying the disc’s contents for my own needs will not be redistributed elsewhere. Joined Fri May 14, The short of the problem is that it can’t detect the card that’s inserted into it even though it worked fine on Windows 98 when using the pre-installed image I had bringing up the following error on startup: Otherwise, you can still at least format the C drive and make it bootable.


Users browsing this forum: The files are still accessible from a bootable DOS floppy and I can see all my files on there for the old DOS I had installed which was bootable, I even stuck the hard-drive into my computer and restored an old backup I had of the hard-drive, but now it says ‘Disk error. I stuck an image on a hard-drive with Windows 98 pre-installed onto it and it all seemed to work great saving me lots of time in the long run – until finally figuring out lots of linkages stopped working and lots of things were erroring out driver conflict, memory issues, etc.

Tue May 10, 6: I have traveled across the universe and through the years to find Her. I legitimately own this copy of Windows 98, as well as the activation key. But as long as any CD can boot and leaves you at a dos prompt, you can then remove that CD, insert the Win98 Cd and type setup, away you go!

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