To quit the dialog box without saving new adjustments, click Cancel. The name can be up to 31 characters. Verify these settings before printing your documents. Confidential 1, Confidential 2, Sample and Copy. When deleting jobs, you must enter the same access code as saved in the Job storage procedure. Not all installed devices are detected by using Auto Configuration. Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.

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In addition, the maximum document page length must not exceed the number of sorter trays. Copywtar adjusts only the relative values of the colors red, green, and blue. See page for further information.

Depending upon the model, available devices include finishers, paper feeders, side feeders, high-capacity feeders, hard disk and RAM disk, tandem unit, booklet stitcher, and duplex unit. Color Correction is unavailable when Monochrome is selected under Color Mode.

To quit the dialog box without saving the watermark, click Cancel. If the Pages option is selected and you click OK without entering any numbers, you will be prompted to specify page numbers. Installing The Hard Disk option For most e-MPS options, an optional Hard disk must be installed. You can also specify cover printing when completing booklet printing settings.


The Left option may not be available, depending on your Orientation and Print on both sides settings in the Basic tab.

Copystar CS User guide |

Frequently, the application settings are given priority, causing a change in the sorter output method depending on the application. When you select the check box of an optional device shown in blue, a sub-dialog box appears with additional setting details.

Auto Configure currently supports these ports for Microsoft Windows operating systems: The Import Profile dialog box appears. Q Quick copy Job feature that prints all copies of a job, then saves the job on the printing R RAM disk A feature that lets you set up an area within the printing system memory as a virtual hard disk for faster printing.

The effect is the security watermark seems blended in with the document content. Booklet fold is selected automatically.

For standard watermarks, the Watermark name and Watermark text cannot be changed. Jobs are stored permanently on the printing system’s optional Hard disk: Select a contrast level from the list to specify text darkness in relation to the background pattern.


Kyocera CopyStar CS-2550 MultiFunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Scanner, Fax)

The Offset jobs option is selected. Status Report Print Out Some Kyocera printing systems have a manual duplex setting in Printing Properties, in the Basic tab.

Adjustment-free Variable Resistors vr Maintenance Modes Item List Refer to your sorter’s Operation Guide. This copysfar is required to optimize the downloading of printing system fonts.

Copystar CS-2550 Manuals

Security Watermark adds watermark text and a background pattern to a print job. KX Driver Fopystar 4. Poster appearance is improved when the edges overlap slightly.

This is useful if the list contains several command files, and you sc to print some but not others. For further details, refer to Printing with Covers on page Download as bitmaps Bitmap downloading provides more detail, however it creates large file sizes.

Only one profile can be exported at a time.

For color models, the available selections are Black, Cyan and Magenta.