I wanted a small “always on top” window in the corner so I could watch TV while I was working. Free software such as VirtualDubMod can with the appropriate codecs open and edit the files. I would recommend buying another brand, as support requests that aren’t ignored by Freecom are unlikely to be answered in a satisfactory manner. It sounds like your signal is too strong and is overloading the dvb-T sticks very basic amplifier ie it can’t reduce the signal enough so its clipping. Puts the windows software to shame.

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We live about a mile from the two regional transmitters so signal is exceptionally strong. All stories of poor or no reception obviously haven’t installed the drivers correctly or are either overloading or underachieving the optimum digital amplification needed.

People grumble about the aerial and receiver not being able sub receive very well. I have found that the final DVD video picture quality is excellent this way.

The solution is to get an attenuator or two to sit between the stick and the aerial line. Will locate all channels and if I scroll through the channels it’ll display full freefom strength and quality but not display any video. Awesome hardware runs a bit hot but cr p software interface. I have purchased a much bigger and amplified aerial which does the job where the signal is reasonable.


DV Hardware – Privacy statement All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owner. The terrestrial services are being replace by Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial DVB-Tthis is the European standard for the terrestrial transmission of digital television.

Used to work fine but moved to another flat with much better signal and is dodgy. This is a complete waste of money and time.

Ozone Rage ST headset. The supplied aerial is useless.

Freecom Digital TV Dvb-t USB Stick Freeview Receiver

uwb The rest never worked. Digitisation of the UK television infrastructure will see the end ffeeview the analogue service by I had similar problems with using the Windows Media Centre in Vista – found all the channels but only 4 would work. However I have problems with the sound channel being out of sync, which I am trying to fix – see www. The alternative, I’d suggest, would be to pay for better PVR software.

RF attentuators are available at maplins and cost a few pounds. File sizes are perfectly manageable around 2Gb for an hourand there’s no tweaking needed unlike my last attempt using Hauppague which devoured HD space at a staggering 1Gb a minute!! Generally speaking the software that comes with it uzb awful; I have trouble with nearly every aspect.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. You can only have a full-screen window or a unsizeable window which is not very fredcom.


DV Hardware review – Freecom DVB-T USB Stick

What a load of rubbish!!!! Lamptron FC SE fan controller. It is about the same size as a USB memory pen, making it the world’s smallest digital TV and radio receiver, allowing access to digital TV and radio programs anywhere, subject to reception, topography, objects, weather and Freeview coverage.

One minor gripe though – automatic daylight saving when the clocks frreeview forward or backward will screw up your schedules as the TMMonitor seems linked intrinsically to the system clock – so be aware if you’re recording a weekly or daily programme, you’ll need to reschedule your recordings once the clocks have changed.

Freecom Digital TV Dvb-t USB Stick Freeview Receiver | eBay

The sofware is rubbish. Where is the XP like update? Puts the windows software to shame. I wanted a small “always on top” window in the corner so I could watch TV while I was working. I wish I’d never got involved. I was able to just pick up 6 when scanning Germany??? Jaybird Freedom 2 wireless sport headphones. The software that comes with it does not working with Vista.

A very disappointed an angry customer!