Serge Hallyn serge-hallyn wrote on XLd Gen9 Apollo Are you using virtio? Perform an Online Software Update to update the operating system files. Does switching to IDE help? Windows R2 SP1 64bit legacy. Windows SP2 64bit legacy.

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Install hangs @ sata_nv driver, then no SATA found!

Note – In order for the online update service to function correctly through a network HTTP proxy, the following additional configuration step must be performed.

Run the Sun Installation Assistant. I think the problem may be in the way that identifies the virtual drives, since the problem happens when you try to default SuSe grub device by id. This problem started in Ubuntu Server Power on the server and log in as superuser.

XL2xw Gen10 Apollo W If this server is networked outside of your local intranet, be sure to re-enable the firewall after downloading software to PXE clients.


Make a note of the following issues specific to your server:. Appreciate the help, Rob. Instll the DHCP configuration file, edit the server-identifier entry:. To Disable the Firewall. Do not release the loops on the drive assembly until it is completely seated.

If you are installing the OS on a Compact Flash card, set the boot priority to make your CF card the primary boot device. Upgraded to precise on 1 days ago. This appears to be an AMD specific bug. Comment on this change optional. Installation of the new drivers is now complete. I finally got it to work I had to edit the.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. It is possible that there have been updates to the SLES 10 software.

Does switching to IDE help? SLES9 is not supported. This bug affects 3 people. If portmap is not listed, install the package using YaST.

Email me about changes to this bug report. If you need to create the neopxe. Restart the ibstall server. Once registered, select the Online Update tab to perform the software update. BLs Gen9 Superdome X. Follow the installation instructions provided with the SLES 10 Installation Guide to complete the installation of the operating system.


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I was not able to reproduce this in a These directions apply to both. Enter the following command:. Changes to this xml configuration should be made using: For your information,the server only give DHCP service only. Could not reproduce with suse 12 – which makes sense if insrall problem is with grub 1.