Larry, Actually there are quite a few sets that our testers did not care for. I love my new Mach Speed irons, on the first time out I was hitting longer and straighter then ever! Our patented PowerBow technology allows golfers to launch the ball high and increase distance — a perfect combination to improving your game. The head feels very solid and the Proforce shaft suits the club very well. I hit the MachSpeed irons as far or farther than my current irons, and I did notice that I got very good distance on mishit shots, especially misses out toward the toe of the club.

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TxGolfJunkie 9 years ago. The weighting of the club head nime good and creates momentum through the hitting zone, and the club has a wide sole which you would machspeed in a game improvement iron that helps to get the clubhead through the turf. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer.

Other brands seem to have a degree 6i so i usually go -2 flat. Regardless of the distance I gained, for me this is where this driver really shined. They are definitely more forgiving than the MXs.

Players who are considering a game improvement iron should take a serious look at the SQ MachSpeed irons. It felt like the diffusers helped to guide the clubhead throughout the swing. Chandler M 8 years ago. Both the mens and ladies MachSpeed irons are available now and should be on your radar if you are in the market for a set that will help take your game to the next level.


Frankly im tired of it, because lets get real…they have to be doing something right if the 1 player in the world plays them, nevermind what he gets 0210. Check out our contests!

Nike SQ Machspeed Fairway Wood Review

Nike has moved the number from the bottom of the sole to the area macchspeed the toe meets the sole and while it looks sharp, it adds frustration. The MachSpeed has everything someone would want in an iron geared towards amateurs that want a little assistance.

My second choice if you can;t get over the square look would be the Nike Victory Driver cc the one Tiger is playing. We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance.

Highers 9 years ago. Similar and distance and forgivness. Since i dont hit the ball same everytime: For more information on these irons or any other Nike products, check out their website at www. The face has the grooves outlined in white and it is something that we grew to really like, not sure why really, but all of us really liked it.


It really looks awesome too! I am a high school golfer in Wisconsin. The slightly rounded, trapezoid shaped had is not exactly square, but that is where it comes from and it does look OK.

Adam L April 15, – 7: Wilson Staff D7 Irons December 10, Matt June 22, – 3: I am a Nike Freak…. Answer by a Discount Golf World Expert.

It looks awesome, I really like the look of the toe! What we mean by more is that they offer an easy transition for golfers.

Product Review: SQ MachSpeed Irons | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

And especially when I hit the ball on the sweet spot, the ball just took off from the clubface. What about the Method. Faster ball speeds off the face mean more distance. I totally agree with every word u just said TxGolfJunkie.