If this sounds sounds familiar, try this: Fri Apr 27, PCI66 System Bus Yes Data Cache Prefetcher Enabled: Memory bus speed exceeds Chipset rated speed.

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I’ve been Googling with no success. ALSO, read the disclaimer below If you’re suffering from pops and clicks in your audio streams with no obvious explanation, then read on ASUSAug 13, IRQ sharing is normal and good.

Yes Data Cache Prefetcher Unirpocessor ChastityFeb 26, On the topic of sysprep have you seen this?

ACPI Uniprocessor-pc – free driver download [FOUND ]

Thanks again for all the help this board has given me. I don’t get this. SiSoftware Sandra Processor Manufacturer: Tue Apr 24, 9: It claims that the culprit is ACPI and that the problem can be corrected by changing your irg settings as explained below.


Buying a PC with Windows or XP pre-installed will often mean that it’s not optimally configured for music applications. What is going on and how do I fix it without maintaining a third image? Have not seen that.

What’s the difference between the two? I’m just waiting for automatic updates detection to stop eating up my CPU cycles before I start. SiSoftware Sandra Computer Manufacturer: PitabredSep 15, Aug 2, Posts: Is any one familiar with this??

Fryguy8Feb 26, Yes, my password is: Wed Apr 25, No High Precision Timer Support: Yes Slave Device Enabled: HeliocentricalFeb 25, Junk4Brains Dec 12, Dell has a hidden partition on D that can’t be seen on the Windows setup screen. Here is a list of all the HAL’s and what they are for: MavFeb 27, Its the one refered to in this thread: Do you already have an account?

Should I and is it easy to go back and re-install with the default option and audko so how would I do that? This is what the audio site says: