This bug affects 6 people. Infinity System Group Infinity System Group Infinity System is the most important Spanish company which offers computers and other electronic products to both the consumer and business segments. I have another problem: MrBenner No, I tried the fsam As a result, the kernel team would appreciate it if you could please test this newer 2. Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on

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Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback. Tuomas Jormola — it seems that both Intrepid and Jaunty already include 0.

Could you try the following script that works for me? To be honest, i’m a linux n903 so I need a lot of help. Isn’t that possible for you? Reopening this against the actively developed “linux” kernel package and closing this again against 2.

Hp f printer driver for windows 8

Tuomas Jormola tjormola wrote on I have another problem: I am only on Ubuntu just few days. I cirtainly would love to drop that driver if so.


Koen koen-steenhout on You should be able to test your bug using the LiveCD. Please let us know immediately if this newer 2.

Drivers Agent: Netbook Cx Sl10 Wifi Drivers

I see no reason why not to include this driver in Jaunty since also fsam is already patched in. Joeboy ml-ubuntu-bugs-joebutton wrote on GD glendubin wrote on It’s because this notebook needs specific kernel module for it to work fsam I hope this can get fixed because I love to use Ubuntu and now i’m stuck on windows.

You speak about cdmeaning what?

Jeremy Foshee h930 wrote on Please let us know your results. The fsam module above isn’t integrated into the kernel’s rfkill subsystem so I don’t think it’d be accepted upstream. Latest technology at affordable prices to provide the market with a wide variety of award-winning products for everyday living.

I have fsam running on jaunty. CCD 5 Mpx – Image resolution: Kenjo isawakenjo wrote on Applied this patch to fsam Alex scoobycom wrote on I get the impression that your patch is speaking about text row and I downloaded driver v0.


Airis N930 Wireless access points

My questions to WicFedz. Hi there, I am using Intrepid Ibex and I indeed need fsam to turn on the wireless device.

My mistake was missing sudo in modeprobe Koen koen-steenhout wrote on As I understand are you speaking of changing some codes. Looking at that module, the actual code to turn wifi off and on is trivial, but it needs someone schooled in the ways of the kernel rfkill subsystem to get it integrated. The patch is definitly the solution, i’m wireless now