I also wanted to game on something meatier than a Mobility Radeon X I have to try the recommendations. Maybe when you can get your south bridges sorted out, maybe in the next generation, we can talk, but for now I’ll be just fine with my Core 2 Quad and ICH10R. The drivers from the latest Catalyst, It could very well have just been my board specifically, but you can’t deny how poorly the SB comes across when it has trouble with one of its most basic applications: That’s pretty much how AMD lost my business as a user.

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Enabling AHCI on Windows 7 systems with AMD

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. Joined Sep 1, Messages 6, 2. It should be “C: Sun Apr 24, Another thing, is that I remember pressing “cancel” when Win7 asked me which things I wanted to share with the home network when Wmd tried to connect to our Wifi for the first time after reinstall. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have the same problem.

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I’ll post again after the reformat. Tried to uninstall AMD drivers via Device Manager, and Windows 7 had to restart several times before they were properly removed or were they? Windows Updates – Slowdowns occur even if I didn’t update Windows at all.


However, I notice that games now take noticeably longer to start with AMD’s drivers. LH — for bit and LH64A — for bit. My I fixed my friend laptop with DVD not detecting issue.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I think the Overdrive software is a nice touch and your IGP is pretty stellar, all things considered. Simply put — run the most current driver package install, ahcci cancel it.

I had to manually update the driver in device manager and point it to where the installer extracted the drivers. Daimus Apr 27, I guess the sharp drop was due to TRIM doing its job.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. For what it’s worth, RAIDXpert was sort of easy to use, but the browser-based interface and “login” screen reeked of a kludge slapped together by people who didn’t care.

Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing On a more serio All content ahco actions are my own. I don’t know if AMD’s drivers have a direct relevance to this, but this is the only change I did when I did the reformat. After I transferred to the University of California, San Diego, though, I felt like I needed to build a proper desktop for video editing.


Read below for Win 7 and Win 8. You refer to link rot while both your links are broken!

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Make sure the box for “Include ahfi is checked then click on “Next”. As of today that was Whenever I see it in Windows updates I choose the option to hide the update.

They are old and it shci time to get the new and it can be done affordably. After boot, the OS installs the proper drivers, then prompts for another reboot. Fri Apr 22, 8: Now I went back to game.

I managed to get it to install and work with the Vista Oldest comments shown first, bulletin-board style.