We hope we have helped you to hide your number on your Amoi A! Hide your number by dialing a prefix on your Amoi A Another option to hide your number on Amoi A , sometimes not well known, is to use a prefix before each number called. Our team of experts is here for you. Once the method has been acquired, it is quite easy to add, remove or move icons from the default screens of your Amoi A Also, we briefly mentioned this fact in the second part of this article, your operator may charge you the service to hide your number from your Amoi A when using the prefix method.

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Sorting and removing icons. If you wish to unlock multiple phones, please make multiple orders. What Do I Receive.

To disable the function, type All we need is your phone”s IMEI number, its model number, and the network in which it is currently locked. We will show you in this article how to connect your Amoi A to your TV. Many operating systems for smartphones, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, also support emoji xmoi a Japanese provider.

You will be able to transmit all that is contained on the screen of your Amoi A, and many additional services like Netflix will be offered to you. In all cases, we strongly recommend that you check whether your devices are compatible with the mentioned technologies, both your TV and your Amoi A If it is a BB5. The reset will be started and all you have to do is wait for the formatting to take place.


It is possible to download applications specialized in GPS navigation. With proper configuration as stated above, they all should be available on your Amoi A The development of GPS on smartphones proved to be a very useful idea that allowed many people to no longer get lost, when they did not have their GPS on hand.

How to set a song your ringtone on Amoi A500

Nokia phones only takes up to 3 incorrect attempts before it will be HARD lock, so be very careful! Do not forget to disable this option on your Amoi A if you want to display your number again! We recommend that you use the SlimPort as it does not need an additional power source. Read the notes and user reviews of the application a5500 are interested in carefully. How to use emojis on Oppo RX17 Neo.

How to use emojis on Oppo RX17 Neo. There are many advantages of hiding your number on Amoi Asuch as amooi anonymous when calling someone. To do this, follow these steps:.

Please contact us at http: We will conclude on the usefulness of hiding your number on your Amoi A, as well as the possible limits associated with this action. Press and hold a few seconds on wmoi home screen. This lock does however stay with the phone permanently unless it is removed with an unlock code or software.


Our other articles on Amoi A can help you. The best way to do this is to type a corresponding query into the Play Store search bar and then read the comments.

Unlock AMOI A FREE Remote SIM Unlock Codes | Genuine & Safe!

Fix your smartphone Amoi A Validate this option and test it if possible with a relative or a friend. You can just as easily reject all incoming calls automatically. Although originally only available in Japan, some emoji characters have been included in Unicode, which means that they can also be used elsewhere. Once in this section, you will be able to go to the call identification tab or equivalent option of your Amoi A, normally available as the first choice.

Doing this is completely legal and won’t impact your warranty in any way. It may be difficult to perform this operation at the very first time, so we advise you to firmly hold your Amoi A with the other hand.