Next is the outside of the case itself. There are another two rubber feet located on top of the optical bay that also dampen vibrations. This page has no comments. Antec spent a lot of time designing the cooling aspect of this case and it deserves special mention. What’s the best streaming music app? And in my personal opinion, I wish that Antec had used something else as the default font because the default clock is kinda ugly, if you ask me. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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Audio by Steve Guttenberg 7 days ago. By pressing 4330 button you will print only current page. It is all very efficient and all the major components get covered.

So what can Antec do for you? Our world-class power fuwion — including the Neo Power, TruePower Trio and EarthWatts lines — have won countless international awards for their reliable performance. How do we do all this?

However, don’t worry about it yet. In my case, the connection from the power button to the LCD panel was not already made from the factory, but I have been informed that it will be done in the future.

Antec/Veris Fusion Review | TechPowerUp

It is padded on every side. We have decided to keep it simple for this review and have not used the Veris brand name within the review, but will do so as soon as the packaging or item itself reflects the name change.


I will go into more detail on the cooling scheme later, but for now I will say that both fan locations came populated with Antec TriCool fans that work well.

The optical drive bay is removable. This adapter will allow you fusio connect the front USB to your motherboard on a pin-by-pin basis. Online by Marrian Zhou 1 day ago. PC gamers are an increasingly significant consumer of performance components, and many Antec products are geared toward the gaming demographic, like the Nine Hundredthe premier gamer enclosure.

While there might be some quirks with the Antec Fusion Blackit is definitely a good case overall and one that I would recommend to all anhec our readers.

The search for a great frontend has met its match today in the Antec Fusion Black.


The drive is attached with rubber grommets that isolate vibration noise from the rest of the case. Triple chamber structure for improved heat and noise handling 0. The front of the inner box has a nice glossy picture of the front of the Fusion case, while the back of the box tells you about the main features in three different languages.

The included power supply is very nice. Page 6 pin ATX main power connector of the power supply. The delivery man tried his best to ding it for me but failed miserably. Also added fussion a firewire port, and the stealthed optical drive bay. Plus the color was changed from black and silver to all black.


However, the ability to be able to turn on your PC with the remote control is a godsend for me. The bottom has venting for the hard drive chamber.

That depends on who you are. Cheapest Jaybird headphones may have everything you need.

Here are a few screenshots of the setup of the software that is included with the Antec Fusion Antec is a name that most have heard before. We’d really appreciate it!

Antec Veris Fusion Black 430 Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case with IR receiver

Lesson Explore Menu Page. In order to help keep a clean looking system, Antec has included an adapter cable that allows you to connect the LCD screen to an internal USB header.

The addition of the new name should give fysion a better overview as to what these items are geared toward. I tested the panel both onboard and external USB and it worked fine under both conditions.