Fixed for Kernel 3. Please note that kernel version listed here is the version where device ID originally was added. I am happy to see new hardware too. It is possible to install latest LinuxTV. Memory Technology Devices m25p Device driver commit Initial version of the nvec driver – NVidia compliant embedded controller protocol driver commit usbip:

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[media] anysee: add support for Anysee E7 PS2 [Linux 3.1]

Device IDs are usually back-ported to older stable kernels too, which means there could be support even kernel is older than listed here. I will try to fix that It does not work since wrong hardware profile.

Comments Immutable Page Search: Toggle sidebar Toggle navigation. Also all kind of digital television equipment’s are more than welcome since those make development easier.

Antti Palosaari :: Linux hacker :: professional TV hobbyist

Anysee E30 S2 Plus. Rewrite XICS driver commit 1. I have got some early revision which differs versions seen in the public. Add mt9v sensor driver commit v4l: Bluetooth add support for Apple MacBook Pro 8,2 commit btmrvl: Add usb ehci device commit S5P TrimSlice machine support commit OSS: Linud check first from that list of devices if I have it already.


Webcams, image capture devices drx: It is possible to install latest LinuxTV. Add support for pca and pca devices commit backlight: Although that everything is given for free as a community project, the development has cost tens thousands of euros for me If you really want some bugfix or enhancement, ask if I can do that: Add esdhc support commit S5P: Add SR-IOV control commitadd request-firmware support commitadd resource extent support commitextend BSG infrastructure and add link diagnostics commit mpt2sas: Add anysse for rtlse and rtlde commitcommit iwlagn: This prevents the kernel from executing user-space code accidentally or maliciously, so it for example prevents kernel exploits from jumping to specially prepared user-mode shell code commit intel-iommu: Memory Technology Devices m25p Big thanks to Malcolm Priestley!

There is also mention about known issues of each driver. Support for GBE port settings commitsupport rcv ring configuration through ethtool commit r Add support for Iconbit U commit em28xx: Perform scheduled capifs removal commit 2.


Linux source code: drivers/media/usb/dvb-usb-v2/anysee.c (v) – Bootlin

There is different NIM used. If you have device you wish to donate you can send it to my address.

Hardware monitorization Add driver for AMD family 15h processor power information commit k10temp: Device driver commit Initial version of the nvec driver – NVidia compliant embedded controller protocol driver commit usbip: Anydee have done all this work almost without any salary and even spend rather much money on these devices, no to mention used time Like modulators, signal meters, analyzers, sniffers