These single character messages are sent by the UPS any time there is an Alert condition. Assuming that the output looks reasonable, check the following variables:. When you get to a login prompt, log in as root. The reconfigure boot performed after Apcupsd installation will ensure the correct device nodes are created. Most of the information in this section is taken from APC’s website.

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How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS-232 adapter

Since qpcupsd state of that UPS does not impact local users, there’s no reason to annoy them. Search everywhere only in this topic. Problem USB driver linux-usb. This event is generated when the mains power returns after a powerout condition.

Finally, double-check the state of your cabling and UPS indicator lights frequently during testing. Please read the Testing Apcupsd section of this document for general zerial on testing the Win32 version.

This option tells apcupsd to inform the UPS to kill the power. Subsequent installations will maintain your existing apcupsd.

You can specify initial values for variables by setting them in the environment. These options are not normally seen or used by the user, and are documented here only for information purposes. This happens, for example, when the UPS switches on or off battery. The final consideration for a automatic reboot after a full power down is to ensure that your computer will automatically reboot when the power is restored.


The above code must be inserted as late as possible in the halt script.

APCUPSD User Manual

When first introduced in the s, they used a gel electrolyte. There are still some rough edges to clean up, but overall this is a lot easier with apcupsd 3. The solution is to wait at least 30 seconds after starting apcupsd before launching apcaccess. The battery constant is the hex number in the column labelled “0”, presumably for register 0, in the following table:.

I also have a custom init. The default setting is “high”; press the apcupse once to set the sensitivity to “medium”, and press it again to set it to “low”; apupsd it a third time will set it back to “high”. It indicates that the total time in a power failure has been exceeded and the machine should be shutdown. Note that you must be root to edit this file.

If after the soft battery runtime recalibration, the UPS does not detect that the battery has been replaced, you will need to do a manual battery runtime calibration.

Users – How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS adapter

Depending on the setting of your BIOS, it may prevent your computer from restarting when the power returns. Doing so, will ensure that the UPS doesn’t cut the seril to your machine at a bad time. If the batteries are new, then you need to perform a runtime calibration see below.


Control of when this file is created is important for allowing systems with big UPSes to run as normally until the system administrator determines the need for preventing user logins. I recently installed the latest PowerChute Business Edition v9. For voltage-signaling UPSes, apcupsd is not currently able to detect whether or not the serial cable is connected.

If you still need help, send a message to the apcupsd users’ email list apcupsd-users lists. The appropriate manual way to startup apcupsd is by executing:.

All the standard apcupsd options can be used on the Windows version. If you have a Smart UPS, you can configure the kill power grace period, and you might want to set serual to 3 minutes. Event trap catching mitigates this shortcoming.

SmartUPS models only support bits Consult your web server’s documentation for how to enable CGI programs to be executed.