I’ve forgotten my password. I have notice something in this following procedure: Its a bit confusing the first time you do it as, you sit there and are like, what the hell is this? Understand what things are, what they do, how they work, and this will be an easier experience for you, which is the goal here. Garb3 New Member Jun 23, Every single time you added a cable from IDE or CD room please turn your PC off and try, if for some reason fail disconnect the last device you install and go one step back to trouble shoot by steps. The time now is

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Furthermore, for optimizing the transfer rate for the hard drive, we recommend you to connect your hard drive s to the primary IDE channel and optical device s to the secondary IDE channel. Pull the Battery out from its battery Socket. The multi colored wires and plugs coming from it to power up the computer and motherboard only carries a maxinum of 13 VOLTS DC, about the same as an automobile battery, so this is NOT as lethal as most people might believe it to be.

You have the ability to solve the issue you have easily yourself if you take some time to sit back and soak in information, understand how things work, understand why, and become confident in what you’ve learned. Most towers have screw holes in the case where a stand off can be screwed in where needed, other-wise there would be no contact in that area between the motherboard and computer case.

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cable’s problem with ASRock 775i65G

You can only be helped so much if you know so much, so try to learn more about 77i565g you have, read your owner’s manual s again or until you’re blue in the face. I would try running the board outside of the case if the entire concept of touching a metal object against a live computer system plugged into the wall wasn’t out of my comfort area of troubleshooting this thing.


I’ve swapped the PSUs in and out, and tested disppay both again with my PSU tester and they both come back as working fine. Sorry for double posting but this time counting on me, any help? Removed your mainboard from your Computer case if your mainboard is installed in the case Make sure the mainboard is lay down in a clean flat surface and use the protection the comes with your mainboard to avoid any electrical short underside the circuit board.

IF you restarted the computer, did the 775ii65g come up or post screen or splash screen at all?

Before I offer too much information needlessly, I will wait for sisplay reply after you recheck what I suggested above. Steps that i have tried: Piernov i have heat the north-bridge and south max air max temp for 30 seconds in the back of the board wait a few minutes then turn on the board and the same error code 13 and then 20 i have a 4 digit debug card that gives me the previous stop code and the next stop code always stops on the 20 strange thing.

I put a debug card on pci slot and the following hex code appears 13 Please pay special attention to the following: Finally press the key F10 to save and exit.

System failing to boot, no beeps, no video

How-ever the circuits that are hidden inside the power supply box are a whole different asrocl, there is actively to VOLTS AC and in some cases Volts AC, those ranges can cause you some serious injury. All times are GMT You computer case is designed differently, it does not have that option because the stand-offs are permanently molded into the case structure.

775i65f the site is easy and fun. Was the Windows 7 installation done on that mother board, a fresh, new installation?

PC Power up issues on AsRock’s i65G R motherboard, when using a Core 2 Quad processor

I have notice something in this following procedure: Reseat the memory chips. Reseat the video card. Given where the computer was located for the past 5 years almost, in perfect working operation, no indication of anything having spilled on it, and no obvious physical damage to the case, I really do have some trouble believing that the case just broke one day and prevented the system from booting.


Your CPU is most likely not the cause of the start up behavior. If they seem fine, your motherboard has some bad chips on it.

cable’s problem with ASRock i65G | TechPowerUp Forums

I used an Antec PSU tester and determined that the power supply was good, and just to make sure I even plugged in a different PSU which also tested goodand still got nothing from the system. By design, motherboards are of different sizes and shapes, they do for the most part try to keep the mounting holes in the same area sisplay make the board and case universal to some degree, how-ever a slight deviation in the alignment can cause the stand-off to make contact with a circuit trace located on the motherboard that is close enough to the chassis ground trace on the motherboard to short out that circuit to the computer case stand-off.

I know what he could check. If you can’t understand how to hook up your PC you’re playing with fire. Possibly the floppy drive as well. The circuit becomes grounded to chassis ground and ceases to function. Hi have try with another debug card and the code is 13 when vga cable is connect to on board port vga, with external vga card the code is 58 can someone tell what this means?