I see some parts on Ebay. Velcro style pad holders for the Cimex Velcro pad holders are used specifically to attach diamond discs to the Cimex R48 19 inch model marble grinding, honing machine, and cyclone floor machine. Shower resto river rock Latest: Necessary Accessories Diamond Polishing Discs 3″. Need advice on Cimex pad drivers and pads!

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Necessary Accessories Diamond Polishing Discs 3″. Recapture – Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner.

Need advice on Cimex pad drivers and pads!

Since you have the brushes, try using them as well, particularly with the uneven carpet, you may be surprised how well they work.

Velcro style face material Works Best with velcro backed diamond discs Complete with 4 rubber grommets replaceable.

Pioneer Carpet Cleaning said: Common janitor Today at SRD Today at 3: Need Some Advice Please Latest: And where do I find them? Cimex Pad Holders Velcro Part This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You must log in or register to reply here. Carpet Cleaning pads for the Cimex are a soft synthetic pad coated with a high abrasion resistant urethane coating that adds to their durability.


Cimex carpet pads are packed 15 pads per case, This is a solid pad with no center hole cut-out Our Beige Cimex pads are the same as the fiber plus pads you see advertised – the only difference is, our pads cost less.

Cimex Pad Drive

Recycled Content of Our Floor Pads pdf The Green Initiative used in our floor pads – Floor Pads with Enhanced Biodegradation Our goal is to produce products that perform to the highest standards while leaving the smallest possible impact on the environment. Of course you need to know how to use it but it cimexx great for that.

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Cimex Carpet Cleaning Pads beige Part Yes, they work great on residential carpet. Item was succesfully added to the cart!

I need to buy the pad drivers and pads to encap. Carpet Cleaning Pads Looped End.

Shower resto river rock Latest: I wish I had a Cimex. That may be the purview of CRB.


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This pad has been designed for use on both sides and is specifically made for the 19″ Cimex Cyclone Machine, similar to a floor polishing pad, but more dense for longer life. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

Icmex 1 of 1. Can my extractor suffer any damage if I let it run dry? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Resin Polishing Pads

Pollen on upholstery Latest: Secure locking system for effective use ckmex diamond resin pads and discs. Jun 8, 5, 1, San Diego renaissance-carpet. The denier polyester fiber outlasts most competitive products. Cimex carpet pads are packed 15 pads per case, This is a solid pad with no center hole cut-out. Cimex Pad Holders Instalock.