Media Reviews Golf Monthly. Kua shaft that delivers tour-proven flex profiles in an ultralite package. The longer shaft in the Launcher XL takes a little getting used to, initially, I was pulling many of my drives because I was standing too close to the ball. For this review, I elected to go with the a With so light a shaft as mentioned above, the Miyazaki C.

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Ultralite Weight has been removed from the club without sacrificing swingweight or flex profile. Odyssey Metal-X It’s easy to be mesmerized by new golf clubs boasting fancy-sounding technology Yes, the xll270 for distance now hinges on some extremely well-concealed technology and, to be fair to Titleist, speed certainly isn’t the only factor in determining how far you hit the ball.

Your email address will not be published. It’s also incredibly easy to swing and so much fun because of how light it is. Head Weight Engineering head weight to fall within the proper traditional range ensures that the club has forgiveness and energy transfer at impact, which promotes ball speed and forgiveness.

Some of it definitely does represent genuine innovation that will help you hit the ball farther and closer to the uktralite, and ultimately shoot lower scores. Kua series delivers tour-proven flex profiles in an ultralite package. This site clevelan Akismet to reduce spam.

Besides not really wanting to go out in such inclemency, a test would have been largely irrelevant as the rain and cold would have combined to take a considerable chunk of yardage off any drives. I was hitting most shots slightly to the right, not a slice but more of a straight push but again incredible distance when you catch one right out the middle, think a regular shaft would be for me.


The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL driver has one of the lightest shafts and combined club weights we have come across in a standard driver.

There were no surprises And yes, the C.

Cleveland Launcher XL270 Ultralite Driver Review

Engineered for proper bending and torsional profiles ensures that the shaft delivers the head in a consistent and stable orientation. Be the first to review this item!

Shut your eyes and turn the noise off in your head and you might discern that one is heavier than the other, but not immediately. The is also available in a Draw version, with heel biased-weighting and a slightly closed face for slice reduction.

The shaft length is E-mail required, but will not display. At grams, this driver claims to be among the lightest on the market.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Review – Golfalot

The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series consists of 3 weights; g, g, and g and each model engineered for unique performance and feel. The ball pops off the face launchher and far. A lot of fun to hit, but too light for my personal taste. Well, I’m 57 now with a Cleveland XL driver.


I think this is a great driver, the Miyazaki shaft is excellent and I consider myself fortunate to have tried and bought it. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

Okay, bottom line; what did all this science stuff do for my drives I had the The slightly closed face may put some off at address but it did make it easier to get the ball airborne than its sister SL driver. I was happy to get a yard drive in the fairway. With one cold, grey drizzly day after another and winter dragging on an awful lot longer than it should have here in Bellingham it still hasn’t totally disappeared and now it’s JUNE!

Equipment Test – Cleveland Launcher XL

Pick up both an XL and D2, and the difference is barely noticeable. I was hitting into quite a strong wind and thought the distance was really good, it must go a mile down wind. Kua 39 does possess 6. Hit a number of balls and the carry you get with clevelqnd club is amazing, does carry a long way and I was using a 9 degree. Combined with a gram head and a ultralihe gram Winn Lite grip, you can gain as much as three mph more on your club head speed.