I guess my question now is how do I get to that screen? View More Photo Galleries. Deleting the current array allowed me to create a new one, so my original question has been answered. I just run my RAID 0 and do not worry if the array fails. I need to find a definitive answer to this question as well. I’ll bet yours actually are too. Anyways, here’s what i’ve ran into so far.

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How do I Identify RAID HardDrives to SATA Ports on i SLI Motherboard????? – EVGA Forums

Not Windows 7 i am going to use Vista Home64 Bit. Okay well the Win7 disc I received had errors on it so I’ve sent it back for an exchange, but since then I’ve setup a RAID 1 as per your instructions and you were correct: I’m sorry that it didn’t quite work out for you tho.

Windows Vista Bit Business 8. I’ve attached evta screen shot of my RAID setup screen. I actually just had to reinstall it today because last night during my “experimenting” I switched the two SATA ports for my drives.

Raid setup EVGA 780i sli MOBO

From what i know i have a few options. All times are GMT Have you come to any conclusions? Join our community today!


What the attached screen is showing me is that you have set the drives up in a RAID 0 array. If raaid need to reset your password, click here. Is it worth it to do a software raid like this? At least I learned something in the process though!. However, this Raid array is now showing errors. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

i SLI RAID Install Under Windows 7 Pro bit – EVGA Forums

It’s like Carbonite, but they gave me 12 GB free storage. I’ll be sure to dvga here again and let you know how it goes. I’m not real sure what to do evha Mobo: I’ve never run a RAID 1 to do any comparisons. I’ll bet yours actually are too. All that is mentioned is on Drive 0. You are very welcome, BLG Dual booting on that kind of a setup is a fairly decent idea, just don’t expect any kind of incredible speeds, the blues, like the greens are designed for energy-efficiency, not performance.

Im guessing that the hardware raid built on the MB isn’t supported yet by linux. The reason i say that is that my old machine that died also had 2 raids setup by a fasttrack raid controller and it was never detected through slackware.


Since I keep all my important files on an external HDD that only evha attached to the system when adding files to it It’s just really difficult to install a linux distro onto it. I used to have one of the drives in the SATA 1 port till it gave out. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? How many drives are you using? Essentials Only Full Version.

I guess my question now is how do I get to that screen? If not, you may want to try that before you totally give up on having a RAID.

I think it must be the on board controller. During the array creation you are presented with several different choices of block sizes.