This was far from satisfactory, being slow and unreliable. I think the button itself, works, and the only way I can start it is with the Media button on the opposite side. Like I said in my previous post I had a perfectly working vista Philips X BUT what driver was it exactly……the exact name? Hope this helps someone. Now my touchpad has stopped working!

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Xp boot, found hdd and installed with no need for sata drivers all partitions deleted like dekay seid thanks! I was too chicken to remove the restore partition 1. Hi, Can anyone tell as how to reinstall vista on 11NB I uploaed the twinhead version, and of course feeevents copy of windows has deactivated. Many thanks — Stewart. Was wondering if these machines come with a preinstalled recovery partition.

I am confident that if I can remove the drive and format it in another freevvents this should resolve the issue probably where the sara records have got messed up on the disk.

A minor nuance that many people have is the UAC, and i do admit that it is very annoying, but it takes literally 2 minutes including a google search on how to do it to turn it off. I know that they exist on the internet because I once found them by luck in a German site which had only for 2 models the drivers, mine and another. But machine was stalled after a few lines of text not even allowing me to enter the BIOS.


How to install XP on a Philips Freevents laptop – deKay’s Blog

I managed to strip it down and install another hard drive but guess what,system didnt recognise it. Others have said they have done satz also. They are arseholes, so if you do have a problem, just deal with PC World tech guys. I, or rather my wife has a wonderful Freevents X Recently installed win 7 from DVD on a perfectly working vista X Am now happily formatting with my Nlite XP disc.

For parts or not working 1. If you are unlucky, and I was, they will pull apart from the very flimsy connectors. One other thing I should say is that do not even bother to contact Philips if you have a problem. Oops I got me contact detaiols wrong in last post.

Philips Freevents H12y Touchpad Buttons Board Cable 35 A 00 | eBay

Anyone actually got it working okay? Thanks freeevnts any help. This page was last updated: If only one driver worked, I can put up with shitty graphics if WiFi works.


Hi, I am having the same problem grrr, I have formated the hard drive and tried to install windows 7 and vista but cant get past the philps start screen. What should i do.

Philips Freevents H12y Touchpad Buttons Board Cable 35 A22103 00

Turn off email alerts. I have recently tried to partition the hard drive of a Phillips Freevents 11NB and it went horibly wrong as it is rebooting the laptop the whole time. Problem 4 But then, disaster! You might even find XP SP2 has the drivers built in already. A fujitsu 80Gb for a fujitsu GB.

You may need to set in the BIOS whether numlock is on or off on boot up. Everything except the wireless drivers seems to be pretty solid.

I think the button itself, works, and the only way I can start it is with the Media button on the opposite side. Any idea how to remove it?

I want to find the drivers for XP.