Each suite 1 sc ora SOp, p. By Willium technical processes: I ACT w 1 riiten hy Mp expert- hut iiuvervd. Ganlor SUM Adviser a. He went on to take issue with the chief educational psychologist’s view of her mental state. Aa mpre, HhatfcW -:

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Music lor Chrialmas loo l: I would not have signed lliut letter now.

Tilr n farms from to rHMmeil In ihn h’-Jifiol. V Before you can teach a child about music, you must first interest it in music. Please contact me, ‘ nnfnrA fha nakl Ann In nlnnnrf. Some others who have been more successful qualify in subjects tltut limit rather titan advance tlicir prospects of employ- ment or citizenship.

The Green Paper which had heeu lined for the first week in July, is now erred tiU later in the month, ot till the memoirs come to lie written unki1 we know exactly hnw the battle t, btit it is believed that thc Prime ister himself is taking an active part etting Lite Green Paper shortened and jhened up.

Triumph of bad government? Some Slxih form work w svaiiabln Tlirro ii a sirnnu idinier.

Anyone who lias re- search insights of their own to offer, ov wlui would like more Information about our own coni inning studios is invited lo cnntuu us nt either of the addresses shown below.


The visitors get down to business also almost straight away. Mr Ririiard Knight, director of education in Bi. It was honed to offer not only a steady supply of surplus equipment but also notes fur guidance on pos- sible applications. RacMder sitarnatiyoa lo woodwind parte end apt. This has meant that almost all the educational controversies ill the last 20 inkki1 have been about the distribution of education, to whom it should be given, for how long, nnd in what way the distribution can be fair and equal.

However, it would ijki1 that the Secretary of Suite for Employment is also con- cerned about the possible offect of the timing of the new programme on sixth forms. Ono-yoar full-time course, starting in September.

Usually there were about three and last year only two. A will have had another dis- cussion wiih her about rhe need for iciiHim’b. The evidence suggested that sixth formers naturally tended towards specialization. My two-week visit allowed tor a day or two in each of the muJn depart incut’s— administration, pack- ing plant, engineering, inter ing, etc, Tho only. Colin Blakemore is writing ns a com manta tor of what is going oil in 1 m am research.


Anv education nmliorltv c. The volume of noise from outside in- creased.

There can be difficulties! Is riant exercised so rarely oecause ave very few cbhl plaints, or ecause they are depressed about their chances of. P TTtLa will be the first Lime the.

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It will control how mudi money to be spent and in whut areas. I ACT onki1 1 riiten hy Mp expert- hut iiuvervd. The Inner Lon- don allowance is payable, end assistance with removal ex- penses may bo available, in accordance with the Authority’s aohemc.

But there is also n parish clinic which sings on. Patriotism or poli- tical theory aro not enough.

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After completing a Five-year apprenticeship, she went to ilicnlrc school for ilirce yours and then became a freelance director for uinnieur groups. The argument is, thus, for the lablu.

It has piudticed a booklet. SiH leuihflr er msasa SifnfciAfev AmdV nv IrUvr, nlvlnu full u.