A sealed enclosure will also work well with some LF help. The Jordan JX92S will work in a number of enclosures alternatives. Yet at only 86dB sensitivity, it does not really play in the same leagues as the Fostex or Lowther horns. Piano has depth and character, guitar is as expected An instrument’s sound will emanate from a stable area but will never have its boundaries as precisely defined as over the best narrow-baffled monitors. Isolpads under electronics, Standesign stand Room size:

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You must log in or register to reply here. As I have discovered over the weeks, the Ridges are very accommodating when it comes to room placement or even the quality of the room you put them in.

And this shows how the parts were cut from a single sheet of MDF. Join us on Facebook Here.

Being too lazy to do veneer work, I used Green “Hammerite” paint. There are other box designs around on the internet as well I’ve had these guys running for about a year, and I’m always amazed when I turn them on after not listening for a while. A sealed enclosure will also work well with some LF help. Yet at only 86dB sensitivity, it does not really play in the same leagues as the Fostex or Lowther horns.

Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Loudspeakers

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The first thing done after cutting all the pieces out is to make an open box out of the front, back, top, and bottom.


The table below shows a comparison of the measured and published specifications. An alternative is also offered by Carolina Audio built out of MDF for a far more inert cabinet than the Konus – depending on where your allegiance is on inert or lively cabinets, you can choose between the two.

The low-end response in this enclosure is quite admirable for a 4″ driver: Bass is present, but not authoritive, as one would think with such a smal l, sealed enclosure The Jordan drivers are unique amongst most of the smaller fullrange drivers in that they jx2s almost nine octaves.

Last update 10 September You split each of the pairs and connect one wire of each pair together, lik this:.

DIY Jordan JX92S bookshelfs

In any case, if you’re looking for a fairly easy to build single-driver speaker, and have about 10 watts to drive it, I suggest you seriously consider this driver. Obviously this single driver speaker does not need a crossover of any sort. Joedan that Martin measured efficiency relative to 2. Throatier, a little raspy when they are supposed to be At half the price of the other two, it offers a cabinet made of MDF for the back and sides and more lively Baltic Birch for the front panel – potentially the best of both worlds.

Here’s what it looks like before you close it up. The following photos show some of the construction of the cabinets, more or less in order.


Yet there was no doubt that those speakers preferred being placed about 2 feet away from the front wall for an optimum compromise between boundary reinforcement and midrange opacity. Building it – Updated – fixed dimensions!

Words like “cute”, “tiny” and “matching the bedroom bookshelves” that would never cross my mind in conjunction with evaluating a pair of speakers had me on jotdan double moving the Ridges to our bedroom without even a chance of arguing that it’s the worst-sounding room in the house.

Using a 2″ drill bit, I clamped the whole speaker box on the drill press.

Forums New posts Search forums. These parts are the ones that I made form Baltic birch, and how I laid them out on a piece of birch ply I had lefty over from another project. I took the speaker to a local audio event and the Jordan’s were the hit of the party. One of these days I’ll get around to getting it into the chamber and measuring it.

Martin has done some incredible work modeling TL speakers, and I found it pretty easy to make trial-and-error adjustments with his model until I got the enclosure to do what I wanted. But don;t permanently install it until you finish paint or veneer the box.