If unavoidable, use curtains or other mea- sures to protect the printer from direct sun- light. Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, I have line smoothers and UPS’s to protect my equipment and they do not correct the whole problem. Back CD 03 2. At that time, the paper guide 2 is in its home position, and the paper guide and home position sensor 3 are on. Placing a heavy object on the power cord, or pulling or bending it may damage it, resulting in a possible fire or electric shock. Direct soldering Active High “H”.

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There are 3 connectors.


No Replace the one-way clutch gear. Remove the fusing unit from the printer. Does the engine properly initialize and perform its self-diag- nosis when the power is turned on?

Toner cartridge rack error 8. Open the front cover and check.

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The engine is not stopped and printing continues using an alternative value. Before removing connectors from a PWB, make sure the printer has been unplugged. Multipurpose tray-lifting arm position error is detected when there is no change in the output for the multipurpose tray upper position sensor PCI 5 even after the specified time has passed since the multipurpose tray paper take-up solenoid SL8 has been set to on. Yes Remove the paper and print.


If this product uses a laser, laser beam leakage may cause eye damage or blindness. Remove the 2 mounting screws for the image transfer release lever and remove the lever. Remove the 1 set screw for the bearing on the front side.

Before touching the circuit board, always touch the frame or some qmss grounded item to ground any static elec- tricity in the body. I thought I was investing in a real workhorse that would stand me in good stead for many years to come. This printer does use lots of power, but should be okay with any modern wiring. The printer installs easily if you use a parallel report.

Remove the 1 set screw for timing roller solenoid connector. Confirm transport motor Ml operation. At up to 5 color pages or 20 black-and-white pages a minute, the DeskLaser can replace slower colour mionlta and monochrome printers. Remove the image transfer roller pressure sensor 1. Bad connection image transfer roller.

It takes approximately one minute from the start of the test until the passage of the paper is completed. Get exactly the output you want with an automatic duplexing option or a 5-bin mailbox option that conveniently separates printouts by individual print job.


Seal bias Magiolor collects toner that has been scattered. Thermistor 1 Detects the surface temperature of the heat roller Paper exit sensor PC 8 Detects that the paper has been discharged. Remove the left frame plate 1.

For example, the size of the dots of ink on modern inkjets are noticeably smaller and are blended in a more sophisticated way. This means that the LBP printer does not produce hazardous laser radiation.

In the duplex mode the paper exit tray for the printer or the paper exit route to the 5 bins is used to perform switch back for the paper. Touching it could result in an electric shock or burn. In every case, we will be prompt and proactive in our communication with you about any sourcing delays. Be sure to observe the precautions.

Be sure to unplug the power cord before removing this cover.