Traceback most recent call last: Draw a box on the GLCD to a specific size. To use the KS driver simply include the following in your user code. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I for example have also sutch a screen and would like to try this on the raspberry. The RAM content is not cleared.

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Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In the code I have swapped the pin numbers to match how I have wired my screen, and when I run the program I get no errors in the LX Terminal CS2, 0 def useDisp2 self: Hi friends,i had try to run the clock. Default is 1 Can be set to improve performance.

The RAM content is not cleared. Question about driving x64 Graphic LCD.

I have a 5k pot on pin 3 and pin 18 and despite trying every combination of each pot high and low Hi, Setting this reset pin to low turns the display off and sets cursor to initial position. This equates to the standard GCB font set. So it works like Display Off command. While i use remote login putty software to run my program it works well.


It almost done but I have problem on write operation’s timing control. Read a byte value from the controller, see the datasheet for usage.

Linux source code: Documentation/auxdisplay/ks (v) – Bootlin

Please help me for this to overcome the issue. Please enable JavaScript to enjoy all the features of this site. They needed deleting and replacing for some reason They are extremely common and well documented.

I had similar issues to those mentioned above in that I had ks01108 remove all of the indentations and re-apply them.

If do it, display off the pixels, but after the command ‘Display ON’ is sent, the written before data will be displayed again. Default is 6 pixels. Default is 9 Can be set to improve overall performance. Optional, but recommend NOT to set.

Hi there, I am currently trying to interface to a similar LCD screen with the exact same controller chips from my RPi.

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Defining this will invert the Y Axis. The only connectivity option is the 8-bit mode where 8 connections for the data are required between the microcontroller and the GLCD to control the data bus. So here it gives me text randomly on screen after i pressed buttons that is the problem. I now get the following error: Please can you help Thank you. Draw a line on the GLCD to a specific length that is filled with the specific attribute.


Please post a your working sample if its no problem. Draw a box on the GLCD to a specific size that is filled with the foreground colour. Set a pixel on the GLCD at a specific position that is set with the specific attribute. My first thought was a poor connection as I’m using a breadboard but I have now doubled up on all of the connections so I am sure each pin has a good contact.

Does anybody know how to manage hardware reset for display? Draw a box on the GLCD to a specific size.