Please login or create an account to continue enjoying News Also, if the town knew this guy allegedly was a drug dealer, why the hell didn’t they do anything at the time to stop him from infesting their small town before he became a kingpin? Family members say Commisso initially lied to police about being the driver on the night of the accident. They love their dead there. The vice president of the Freeport school board is accused of driving drunk and hitting parked cars.

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Judge: Plea deal in crash that killed 15-year-old girl and her father ‘unbelievable’

lindenhurts Lindenhurst traditionally had a big German-American population. Painful Memories of Teen’s Death 2. And leave her in the clothes she was found in? You might want to check out this thread: Saturday, December 29 6: Was her cause of death ever stated?

Lindenhurst teen faces criminal charges in double fatal crash

He should be hung. My drknk told me about it too but she was an adult by then i was born in 87 so she didn’t know any details. I was wondering if the kids knew more than they let on but were afraid to say anything because it could have involved the local drug dealer or their parents told them to keep their mouth shut for the same reason.


Probably because she was found on September 11th. A suspected drunk driver accused of fatally shooting the California police officer who pulled him over was captured Friday as he tried to flee back to Mexico, where he lived before illegally crossing into the U.

Because I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt. Until then, enjoy the local news, weather, traffic and more that’s “as local as local news gets.

Why would someone move a body that was so decayed that the cops removed it in a duffel bag? Narcotics cop indicted for wrongly imprisoning five people. There are tons of houses around there. Our sign-up page is undergoing maintenance and is not currently available.

To me the discovery seems super super fishy. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Teen dies in ‘DWI’ rundown

Thanks for the great write up as well. To expand on our points virl, Mr. Rossetti stayed another 90 days in jail, but said that if Romano is not in full compliance during his probation period the stay would be lifted and he might serve an additional 90 days.


News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. Lindy pretty middle class throughout although less so nowadays I hear. There’s a huge jump between small-time suburban teenage drug dealing I’m guessing mainly pot?

I assume it’s long gone but a picture sure would be interesting as well. Sears is closing 80 more stores as it teeters on the brink of liquidation. I didn’t even know of Laura as the 87 graduating killsd was nearing Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


The girl was also I don’t think the town is releasing the information or remembering her because it is too much of a reminder of how the small town failed her and her family. However, you will be given direct access to news So many many questions and more questions and no answers. The vice president of the Freeport school board is accused of driving drunk and hitting parked cars.

What a dark and strange mystery.