After shutting down computer, attempts to reboot failed. Data recovery in such case involves removing platters from such musical drive in class clean room environment and transplanting them into matching donor. Simply give us a call a and we’ll be happy to help you. It is recommended you, power your system down immediatly! We specialize in complex RAID arrays. You will need to contact a data recovery professional.

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Blue screens read “A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated”, then “Beginning dump of physical memory. Another issue typical for Maxtor hard drives is damage n40pp the components on the circuit board PCB. Please read our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Maxtors also well-known for their line of “musical” hard drives that have very high rate of bearings failures.

Maxtor Data Recovery

This leads to further damage to the surface and causes more data loss. Maxtor have n40; active in the external hard disk market e.

Recovery software will fail to recover files and interrogation of the hard disk drive will show incorrect sector boundaries as well as sometimes generating AMNF Address Mark Not Found error messages. Maxtor have been manufacturing mactor disk drives for the PC and server market, with maxtot of the best reputations for reliability, since This can actually prove a positive characteristic for us at Data Detect, as file problems are more likely to be diagnosed and repaired quickly once we have identified the fault.


When the cooling function becomes faulty the drive can reach a temperature beyond the recommended maximum level. Death Of A Hard Drive. Incorrect sector boundaries — in this case, the drive is shown correctly in the BIOS but can display an error message such as: You pay nothing unless your data is recoverable. Firmware corruption – probably the most common issue identified by our engineers on Maxtor drives. Luckily, maxtorr doesn’t usually require opening the HDD in clean room and ordering donor drives, so data recovery in this case shouldn’t be too expensive.

Maxtor N40P NAR6159Z Data Recovery Information

Maxtor Hard Disk Drives You are here: If you see the Maxtor model name listed incorrectly in the BIOS it more than likely means that it has been substituted for maztor, though incompatible model. We have seen a number maxxtor websites lately cloning information from our pages. For over a decade we have been dedicated to recovering data for clients across the globe.

There are however, problems that are specific to certain Maxtor models.

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Case studies include information about actual recoveries completed within our lab. When b40p occurs, the drive will appear to have failed completely and not be shown in the BIOS at all.

In our lab we use special imaging tools that are capable of reading raw sector data ignoring sector checksum check.

After shutting down computer, attempts to reboot failed. If one of the modules becomes corrupted the whole hard drive micro-operating system can’t boot up, the drive can’t initialize correctly and stops working. On these particular drives there is nothing the end user can do to correct the problem, and it is also not a problem that n400p if any computer repair companies are equipped to handle.


Data recovery in such case involves removing platters from such musical drive in class clean room environment and transplanting them into matching donor. Maxtor hard drives are well-known for their firmware problems. We’ve seen this problem with many Maxtor drives, most commonly the DiamondMax series with the incorrect description being shown as: Dumping physical memory to disk: We can get your data back quickly.

Fixing this corruption normally enables access to the lost data. If your Maxtor drive wont mount, has crashed, or seems about to, we msxtor you shut the unit down and contact us straight away for evaluation and diagnosis.

Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery Services | Flashback Data

Consequently, the head or service issues can cause the drive to make a clicking noise, or display the wrong drive size at POST. This is normally diagnosed when the BIOS identifies the drive incorrectly. Data Detect provides recovery on all Maxtor Drive Models – as shown.

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