Sign Up for Newsletter. For someone that is into do it yourself systems then this is a great product, it is nice and small and can be hidden many places in your computer. You can choose per channel, if you want to drive analogue or not. We find out if the sleek and stylish exterior houses an equally impressive product, or if the Kaze Master is all show and no go. Create a PayPal Account. Please allow 24 business hours for a response from our team.

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The build team even added extra cabling for a specific graphics card I mcube to As my BigNG is new, I’m monitoring fan speeds and temperatures using the software provided excellent layoutto ensure that no problems occur. And this is also possible during the operation and even while the T-Balancer is connected over software.

It also means that there’s plenty of scope for using splitter cables to connect multiple fans to each of the channels. Instead what you have is a unit that allows for a fully automatic cooling system to be set up via the included software, which increases or decreases the fans’ speeds depending on the localised temperatures in the PC t-balancsr, helping to eliminate troublesome hotspots Before using this product, I could hear my fans quite significantly – these were all quiet Noctua fans, replacing the standard case fans.


The core piece of the miniNG forms a high-quality microprocessor with integrated permanent storage.

mCubed FanController T-Balancer miniNG (also for Laing pumps)

The user can select, if necessary, whether a voltage supply of the fans should be made via analog or with PWM. The mNG provides full output within the first 8 seconds after starting of the system, thus the start-up of the pump is ensured. You can also switch with software or with jumper while system is running. You can configure temperature limits and speed curves with jumpers or with the T-Balancer and its software.

Use of the mNG as controller for the Laing pump: Got a CPU cooler with a small fan? If you want to use the mNG as a controller of a 12V pump which is provided with a 4-pin Molex plug for ex.

HFX T-Balancer BigNG Cooling Controller

Login Sign in Sign in. By default, 2 flimsy analog temperature sensors are included in delivery as well as Jumper, a sensor cable for connection to the T-balancer and mounting material.

For someone that is into do it yourself systems then this is a great product, it is nice and small and can be hidden many places in your computer. If you have seen an error on this page, please let us know.

These modes can be adapted with the help of the potentiometers. Please, enter the text shown in the image into the field below Reload the Image.


mCubed T-Balancer: The Ultimate Fan Controller

Mounting is very flexible: Upload images for this product Please try to limit picture size to kb or less when uploading. Reducing the speed of your case fans can dramatically lower noise levels and usually doesn’t hurt temperatures too much.

Or maybe you’ve got some small case fan mounts that could do with filling? What’s the best supersize case fan? Videos always tell the story better than web pages from both our website and the manufacturers website.

Controlling the fan channels are t-balanccer analogue temperature probes which are supplied with the miniNG. Just fill out this simple form to check: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You can choose whether you want to power each channel analog or with PWM. Just fill out this simple form to check:. Dell launches hyperbaric laptop. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Strong, clear, single-sided tape would have been a better addition. Maximum answer length is Create an account Forgot mcubwd Password?

With Software via USB2.